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6 Top Attic Remodeling Ideas

If you want to add living space to your home, you do not necessarily need to invest in an expensive and time consuming addition. Attic space can be used for more than storing boxes and disused furniture. You can turn that attic into a whole new part of the house, serving as anything from an extra bedroom to a childrens playroom.

Here Are the 6 Top Attic Remodeling Ideas:

Children’s Playroom

Need some extra space for the kids to run around and play? A finished attic may be the perfect place. You can turn it into a colorful, kid-friendly wonderland. Why not? But first, you need to consider where to start.

Before embarking on converting your attic to a playroom, think about how your  kids will access the attic. To make it more accessible, you may consider a spiral staircase. A spiral staircase is not only functional but also provides classic, visual flair your kids will love. A loft ladder is another option popular with the little ones. It adds to their sense of adventure.

Whichever staircase option you choose, be sure pick one with additional safety measures, such as slip-resistant treads or a recessed locking system.

Another safety tip is to add a railing to the attic entrance.

After you’ve considered the safety precautions, you’ll want to consider the design. Here are some of excellent attic playroom ideas:

  • Bright, light wall paint to make the area seem larger and brighter
  • Lighting: A dark attic can be a problem, especially if there are no windows. Consider adding windows if you can afford them. Natural light is the best light. Soft electrical lighting around the room can also do the trick.
  • Insulate the floor: No one wants to play in a cold attic. Warm it up with insulation. Carpets or big, colorful area rugs also provide warmth and cheer.
  • Decorations: Here is where you can get creative. Consider a theme, such as animals, that will inspire your kids’ imaginations. Wall decals with quotes from their favorite books are always popular. Oversized chairs or bean bags provide great seating choices that make the space feel cozier.
  • Storage: Organization is always important. Those toys have to go somewhere at the end of the day! If the space permits, shelves along the sides of the room might be a useful addition.

Attic Bedroom Conversions

Need a place for the guests or another bedroom without an addition? You may want to convert the attic to a loft bedroom.

To turn an attic into a proper bedroom, you will need to install insulation, so the bedroom is not too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. In addition, insulation will cut your utility bills. If there is existing insulation, you may just need to add to it.

Project ideas include the following:

  • Overhead lighting: Cozy, warm lighting makes for the ideal bedroom. Spend some time getting ideas for how to illuminate an attic’s often unique architecture.
  • New flooring: New flooring transforms a space, and an attic bedroom is no different. Hardwood is a solid choice if you want something classic. Or, you can go for carpet for a more plush, underfoot feel.
  • Multi-function furniture: To make the most use of the unique angles of an attic, consider  built-in storage.  For example, you can add a window seat to hide ductwork for the HVAC system.

Attic Game Room Conversion

How about some extra space for family bonding? Maybe you love Monopoly, video games, or pool? Whatever your favorite games, an attic game room provides the perfect venue for family fun. Attic game rooms are also great places to gather with friends. You can even install a wet bar.

Project Ideas:

  • Soft flooring: Makes a cozy place to relax and test your skills in a game of Scrabble
  • Storage: Wall-shelving is a great way to display games and organize them. Alternatively, you can focus on modular storage that can change with you need for different games.
  • Bar:  Have all your favorite adult beverages close at hand in a mini-fridge. Mix up cocktails and have a great game night.
  • Furniture: A large table is perfect for many games or just relaxing with friends and family.. For extra functionality, try a fold away so you have room for other games like darts or Twister..

Attic Bathroom Conversion

An extra bathroom is a great asset, but you may not have space for one until you consider the unused space in the attic. However, one challenge when adding a bathroom to an attic is that you will probably need some additional plumbing.. The placement of your existing plumbing will determine the best way to structure your attic bathroom conversion. For instance, you may want to locate it above the kitchen or a bathroom on the floor below.

Project Ideas: 

  • Add a shower or bathtub: Adding a full bathroom with a shower or bathtub helps make your new attic bathroom a more functional space.
  • Rewiring: If you are planning to add a bathroom to the attic, you may need to work with an electrician to add more outlets and lighting.

Attic Office Conversion

An attic office is a great addition for your property because it provides you with a place away from all the distractions of the main house. With sound dampening material, you can enjoy a quiet escape where you can focus on work, hobbies, or other important activities..

This is an especially helpful idea if you work from home but don’t have a separate workstation. 

Project Ideas:

  • Painting: Consider keeping the paint in your attic office clean and simple. A lighter color is a good idea if you’re short on natural light.
  • Lighting: Consider installing some adjustable overhead lighting to better illuminate your workspace. A work desk near a window (if possible) for natural light keeps the environment cheerful.
  • Wiring: You may need to rewire your attic to support office appliances, such as a desktop computer and printer.

Attic Home Theater Conversion

Going to the movies can be dangerous in the age of Covid. Why not create your own at-home theater experience? If you have room for a projector and either a blank wall or screen, your attic is a great space to convert into a home theater. 

Project Ideas:

  • Seating: Consider investing in amphitheater style. Now that’s living well! A sectional couch is also a great idea. 
  • Wiring: Expect to complete some electrical work in order for the attic’s wiring to support multiple theater room appliances..
  • Sound System: The screen is important, but do not forget that the sound system is just as important.
  • Popcorn Machine: A popcorn machine is a classic. Invest in your own popcorn machine to get the classic movie theater vibe. Why not?
  • In-attic bar: Watching movies with your favorite beverage in hand. What could make for a better evening?

Whatever you choose to use your converted attic for, you will enhance your home’s living space and create an excellent space for your family. With a few creative ideas and a little work, that attic can become an integral part of your home.

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