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Hiring a Contractor Acquires Home Improvement Superstore as a Strategic Move

In a recent agreement, Home Improvement Superstore sold their processes to Hiring a Contractor. Now, Hiring a Contractor is going to own and operate the services offered by Home Improvement Superstore.

USA – Recently, a deal was signed between the two parties, Hiring a Contractor and Home Improvement Superstore; the latter was acquired by the former. This agreement was carried out keeping in mind the strategic positions of both companies. Hiring a Contractor provides insights on whether a home project can be carried out as a DIY or should a professional be hired for the job. Home Improvement Superstore provides everything needed for a successful DIY, allowing the customers to actively take part in little tasks within their homes. Under this collaboration, both companies will cherish a strategic betterment.

With the acquisition, Hiring a Contractor will gain a strategic advancement in the market. This deal is going to give Hiring a Contractor leverage against the competitors, making the company appear at the forefront of the market. With the Superstore now in its possession, Hiring a Contractor can now expand their processes in terms of DIY purchases and more.

The CEO of Hiring a Contractor, while talking about this deal said: “We (Hiring a Contractor) are delighted to announce that we have acquired Home Improvement Superstore. After this contract, our company will lead the industry, since we will have our own DIY store and products. We wish all the best to Home Improvement Superstore for their endeavours.

About Hiring a Contractor:

Hiring a Contractor is a website that informs the users whether they can do a certain project themselves, or if the task is too complicated and an expert should be hired. This process works with a “DIY Meter” available on the website of Hiring a Contractor. Hiring a Contractor helps homeowners locate professionals in a variety of fields including: electrical, attic and garage renovation, HVAC and jobs in the yard and garden.